LiNiCO is a “Managed Information Technologies” company. Installing, supporting and pro-actively monitoring and managing a wide variety of networked computers; servers; routers; printers, not to mention a whole host of different network technologies, from Ethernet to optical fiber as well as WiFi (Wireless LAN). We have installed, upgraded and supported them all!

Everything from firewalls, file and print servers, to high level enterprise mail servers. As well as supporting all the technologies revolving around these, we also support and manage Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac desktops. We pride ourselves with knowledge on all these technologies and have extensive experience in building heterogeneous systems that seamlessly simply integrate into each other.

We have a close relationship with all our clients, which enable us to customize our networks and support structure according to the client’s “business personality”. Our objective is not to change the way our clients work, but instead prefer to have our clients tell us how they would like to - and we simply make it happen. This approach gives our clients the freedom to focus on their own core business without having to worry about system compatibility or stability.


Benefits of choosing us for your IT needs

  1. Access to a combined 25+ years of solid IT experience from our team of technical “Keyboard Cowboys”
  2. Flexible and affordable service level agreements
  3. High quality, stable and dependable Servers and Networks that won’t break the budget
  4. Call a single number all your IT troubles; No need to remember which company provides which service. We take your IT request and take full responsibility to follow it all the way through until its resolved!






Why outsource your IT?

Costs are reduced by avoiding unusable capacity. Staff costs are notoriously high. Retaining staff is very expensive and introduces additional layers of complexity and cost within a business. Big businesses employ entire inetranl departments to cover all the aspects of IT due to the width of experience and knowledge required. Although the typical small business would be better served without these cost burdens, every business using IT systems requires access to these resources.